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Christi Stills

Christi Stills has had a heart for teaching from the earliest years of life. While currently approaching the end of her homeschooling journey of 25+ years, she has recently become involved in the music industry as a composer and recording artist. Music instruction is also among the highlights of her weekly activities.

Her academic struggles as a child had a major influence on her decision to homeschool -- a second chance to learn alongside her 2 wonderful children. She has also taken great joy in tutoring numerous others at her dining room table.

Her difficulties in her school years, coupled with her new thirst for learning later in life, have instilled in her a compassionate heart for working with students who need fresh direction and a sense of delight in the journey of learning. It brings her much pleasure to discover captivating methods and manipulatives to teach and inspire the younger generation. Her teaching experience includes a broad spectrum of working with students who have special needs in addition to those who have achieved academic success. Her recipe for teaching is often combined with a splash of cozy and a pinch of enthusiasm.

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