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Kristin Garratt

Kristin Garratt graduated from Wheaton College with Bachelor's of Arts, major in History/minor in Theology.  She then took a year to work with the homeless in New York City before heading to the city of her birth, St. Paul, MN, to attend Hamline University School of Law.  After graduating from Law School she worked for Rudy Guilianni's mayoral adminstration.  While she was working for the Guilianni adminsitration she took a part time adjunct professor postiion at Queen's College and taught legal and medical ethics.  Next she worked with a sole practitioner on civil legal matters in New York City, after which time she became an FBI Agent.  While an agent, she worked worked in Organized Crime, Violent Crimes, Special Operations Terrorism, and Intelligence.  One of the extra tasks she took on as an agent was providing legal instruction to other agents.  She also made public presentations to advise parents, children, teachers and members of the legal community of potential dangers of the internet while on the Violent Crimes Squad.  A couple months after 9/11 she married Jim.  Kristin worked countless hours for Special Operations Terrorism when 9/11 occurred.  After she got pregnant with her third child , Kristin resigned from the FBI and her family moved to east Tennessee.  This is when Kristin became a full time homeschooling mother.  After having her fourth child she did some work for the Federal Office of Personnel Management performing background investigations to determine federal employment clearances.  In 2013, Kristin had her fifth child, Zach, who has Down Syndrome.  Zach has kept Kristin very busy because he is a very busy child!  Since 2014 Kristin's Children, Taimah, Ian, Brant and Donovan have been very active in speech and debate competitions.  Kristin began her involvement with NCFCA speech and debate as a Junior Speech Coach.  Soon after she began coaching NCFCA and STOA values debate and teaching apologetics/worldviews.  She is passionate about Christian teenagers being able to critically and logically defend their faith.  If she had any free time, she would like to sew and work on creative projects in her home.

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