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Rebekah Smith

Rebekah Smith grew up in Southern California before relocating to Maryville, Tennessee with her family in December 2020.  Although it was hard to leave friends and the beach, it has been the best decision her family has made.  Armed with a passion for teaching since age 5, there was no question what field of study she would pursue after high school.  She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Biola University and a Master’s Degree in Elementary Reading from Walden University.  She spent over 22 years teaching in the public school system in California, where she served as a grade-level lead, technology representative, and often helped new teachers acclimate to the classroom.  With an original plan to take a year off and roam the country like nomads, she and her husband decided to homeschool their two daughters (Addison and August).  Plans changed, as they often do, and they found themselves stationary in Maryville, still feeling the Lord wanted them to homeschool.  Outside of school, Rebekah loves to spend time with her family outdoors, hiking and mountain biking, playing guitar and singing, making candles and other crafts, and most of all, drinking lots and lots of coffee.  Rebekah has a heart for teaching and is looking forward to being back in a classroom setting, joining the Master’s Monday family.

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